Herbal walks- hiking in the nature

Herbal walks- hiking in the nature

Herbal walks- hiking in the nature

Herbal walks in the nature are a pleasure for your soul, nose and eyes. Why do I like herbal walks so much???

I love hiking. And I love nature. When the spring arrives to Goriska region (usually at the end of February/beginning of March), you find me in the neighboring forests, meadows on Korada hill (close to Goriska brda region) or fields in Soca valley searching for the first edible and medicinal plants of the year. It is so exciting especially when I realize that my basket is already full of wild treasure from the nature.

herbal walk soca valley

In 2013 I attended intensive course based on recognizing herbs in the nature, herb-picking, planting herbs, making traditional herbal remedies, etc. But it was not a course that opened a new horizon into the world of healing plants to me. What was then?!

herbal walks soca valley

It was my mom who was passionate and patient enough to introduce me into »I love herbs« world when I was a child. She took me on various herbal walks on the healing meadows where we were smelling plants, touching their leaves, listening to birds’ singing, relaxing on fresh grass and enjoying each others company in the peaceful environment. And we still keep doing it now 🙂

Do we keep herbal knowledge only for ourselves? Of course not!

We pass herbal knowledge we’ve gained to all of our guests staying in Herbal Rooms, unique accommodation in Soca valley, through hands-on workshop called Herbal walk. But you are more than welcome to pick herbs with me even though you are not planning to spend a night in our homestay herbal retreat.

picking herbs soca valley

Some of our guests have never experience picking herbs in the nature themselves! It doesn’t surprise at all because we are not (or we don’t want to or we don’t know how!) living hand in hand with nature anymore. Right? And I can tell you that even high technology, smart phones for example, can not bring knowledge that is passing from one generation to another 🙂 Other more experienced herb pickers are gaining some extra knowledge and our local know-how about plants and herbs.

From February till November the nature is in full bloom. But even in the coldest part of the year some wild edibles can still be found when hiking in the nature. Not as much as in the other times of the year of course, but still.

herbal walk soca valley

Nature is an amazing playground to experience it with all of your senses regardless when you come to the western part of Slovenia.

Despite your previous knowledge and experiences, you are more than welcome to join my herbal walks. If you have a will to learn something new from the nature directly, send me an email to vesna@slocally.com. Let’s do a herbal walk together! I am sure that after a herbal walk you will go back to your country enriched and you will definitely keep an eye open for herbs!