Herbal House kick-off with Travelstarter

Herbal House kick-off with Travelstarter

Have you heard the latest news? Talking about Herbal House – a homestay owned by local family, with 2 scented rooms, located in the heart of Soča valley. After few months of existance it became part of Travelstarter platform – a kickstarter in tourism for innovative travel and bussiness projects that enables creative individuals to achieve their dreams. Let us emphasize that Herbal House was chosen as one of eight pilot projects for launching Travelstarter platform.

Location, location, location… You can find tiny village of Plave, where herbal House is located, in the heart of picturesque valley with emerald Soča river. Here the Mediterranean meets the Alpine climate. The village itself offers a good starting point to enjoy traditional local festivals, go-back-to-nature experiences, learn to cook and taste Slovenia so as to experience arts and crafts. What is more, Plave village played an important role in 1WW and famous writer Ernest Hemingway mentioned it in his book „A Farewell to Arms“.

Speaking of back-to-nature concept … Our dream is to upgrade Herbal House with Green Room – open-air wellness and selfness zone amidst Herbal House, meadows and beams, furnished with wooden deck chairs, hammocks and sun beds, herbal baths and pillows, perfect for gathering and chillaxing.

We set a goal of collecting 5.000$. People can donate from 7$ up to 300$ by choosing among 6 creative rewards, depending what tickles their fancies most (Hand-made greeting cards with dried herbs, hand picked herbal tea, home cooked Soča valley experience, self-guided Soča valley itinerary, 2-days stay in Herbal House or full-day gastronomic journey in Soča valley).

More info on bit.ly/HerbalHouseHomeExperience.

With each contribution we are closer to reaching our dream. Regardless of limited period of time for donations, rewards for donations are also available after the end of Travelstarter project.

Our project is very much alive. Check the latest happenings on www.facebook.com/slocally.

Please contact us for more detailes and you are most welcome to experience any of listed rewards yourself.

Vesna – chief experience officer
Karmen – details manager
Ivan – woodmaster
Robi – photoholic