Herbal Hands-on workshops for youngsters in Ljubljana

Herbal Hands-on workshops for youngsters in Ljubljana

In February and March 2019 I will be running herbal hands-on activities for youngsters in Ljubljana in cooperation with Javni zavod Mladi zmaji.

The project Zel-išče, which means searching for herbs, consists of 25 thematically related herbal workshops which will be carried out in 4 Youth Centers in Ljubljana (Zalog, Bežigrad, Šiška, Črnuče). It is intended for 5-10 girls aged 10 to 15 who are living in an urban environment in order to get acquainted with herbs and create herbal products for daily care and use, and thus bringing them closer to the nature.

At the same time, I would show them that everyday care products can be made with minimal financial resources and with the ingredients they already have in their home. This way I would break the myth that we need a lot of money and time to make natural cosmetics.

At each herbal workshop I will guide the girls through the process of making the product, from a recipe to a final product. I will encourage them to work independently. Each product will be made by the girls either individually or in pairs. I will adapt herbal workshops according to their wishes and interests. At all herbal workshops girls will receive recipe for future experimenting at their home.

At herbal workshops girls will strengthen their manual skills, creativity and precision in making their own recipe for a particular product, they will gain practical knowledge on how to make the product.

The goal is to empower girls to make and use cosmetics which is made with minimal financial resources in their kitchen. And anytime. Such natural cosmetics will nourish their body and face, as the face and the body is a mirror of our health.