Heart-shaped road

Heart-shaped road

Discover heart-shaped road in Slovenia.


Last time I was searching information about wines from Štajerska region and I found heart shaped road. Let’s experience heart-shaped road that winds among vineyards and leads to famous farmhouse. The tourist farm is situated on the top of the hill close to the Austrian border. From here you have a wonderful view of the surrounding hills. Here panoramic and hiking trails cross the rolling hills of Svečina. Friendly local man invites us to the 300-year-old-cellar. He told us that a picturesque heart-shaped road was built by chance. The table weakens under local specialities (potica, gibanica, warm dishes, cottage cheese). A good wine goes together with delicious cold cuts. Farmyard animals are freely walking around. On the first Saturday in June an annual event along the border is organized here. I’m surprised how many rattles are here. Rattle/Klopotec is more that 300 years old invention. Firstly they were used in the fields, latter in the vineyards. Rattles are set in the vineyards when the grapes are ripening, which is between 25th July and 15th August. At the time of celebrating St. Martin rattles are removed from the vineyards. Rattle is made of six different types of wood and consists of 40 wooden parts. Every part has its own function. With different types of wood we get different types of sounds. And this is why knocking is so diverse. Come along next and let’s experience unique heart shaped road together!

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