Heart-shaped lect

Heart-shaped lect


Have you ever gifted your beloved with a heart-shaped honey-bread? This traditional sweet treat has always been a graceful symbol of love and affection. Lectarstvo, a honey-bread bakery, is an old and renowned traditional handicraft of Slovenia. Nowadays, honey-bread crafts are precious souvenirs from Slovenia. The decorated pastry lect or honey-bread is made from honey dough and shaped by hands. Colours on heart-shaped lect, once very precious gift of love, have a special meaning: the red color symbolizes love and passion, the yellow ribbon stands for infinity, while the green ribbon with flowers represents growth and progress. Each heart has a small mirror for young women to admire themselves. The process of lect making takes at least a week with heavy mixing, rolling out the dough and stamping into hearts, baking, painting and decorating them. Let’s visit together a heart-shaped lect master and create an unique souvenir from Slovenia!

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