Fat, even more fat … FRIKA from Soca valley :)

Fat, even more fat … FRIKA from Soca valley :)

Come and explore Soca valley cuisine

Traveling around Soca valley is about outdoor adventure activities so as it is about trying different local food from Soca valley. One of them is frika. Soca valley is based on rich culinary traditions. It is home of delicious local flavours of Tolminc cheese (Tolminski sir), Bovec cheese (Bovški sir), Kobarid dumplings (Kobariški štruklji) and Bovec krafi (Bovški krafi). Experience the variety of smells, textures and tastes that Soca valley has to offer. Learn from us, the locals in Soca valley, about our gastronomical culinary traditions.


Eating like a local in Soca valley

Growing up in Soca valley, I was always surrounded by dairy flavors and homegrown veggies. Fresh ingredients were always at our fingertips. In the fridge there was at least 2 kilos of Tolminc cheese and a big jar of pork fat while the basement was occupied with homegrown potatoes. Once per month we get Tolminc cheese delivery directly from cheese­maker from Tolmin area. While talking about cheese production, I asked a guy where to find the best frika in Tolmin. And he proudly said that his granny makes the best frika 🙂 Well, I digged deeper and he told me some secrets how his grandmother prepares frika. The secret of frika lies in how we slice and fry potatoes and how fast we are when turning frika around in the pan. It sounds simple?

frika preparation

Meet Miss fatty Frika

Frika is a traditional specialty that was imported from close Italian region Friuli ­ Venezia Giulia to Soča valley. Locals from Friuli ­ Venezia Giulia, which is actually a home of fried cheese, call it frico. In the past locals ate frika when they were working on the fields, in the forests or sawing mow. Imagine, there is pork fat and fat from the cheese all combined together. A lot of fat makes frika not a gently starter but more like very rich main course. Believe or not, frika can brighten up even the darkest days. 🙂 If you are traveling around Soca valley today, don’t miss to tantalize your taste buds with frika. There are inns and restaurants, especially in the area around Tolmin, where you can taste this local specialty.

frika local delight

Are you hungry already?

The main ingredient is hard and a bit older Tolminc cow’s cheese fried on a pan. In the past shepherds used only harder parts of cheese (especially cheese skin) for preparing frika and they melted it on a fire. Today locals add potatoes, eggs, onions, herbs and even zucchini to make it unique. There are as many frikas as there are housewives. Each of us prepares frika in our own way. My dad used to make frika only by melting cheese on the fire. While my relatives from my mum’s side (they are coming from Bovec area) are preparing frika with cheese and potatoes. If you’re planning a trip to Soca valley, come with an empty stomach 🙂

Let your culinary adventure begin!

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In the meantime, relax and enjoy in my short video about frtalja/herbal omelette ­ I cannot wait for summer to come!

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  1. I enjoyed the Frika at Hisa polonka
    I wish I could get the recipe

  2. Frika is really yummy local dish. My recipe for frika is the following:
    1kg of cow hard cheese (Tolmin cheese)
    800g of potatoes
    5 eggs
    50g lard
    Check how to make frika here: http://www.slovenia.si/visit/cuisine/recipes/frika/
    Let me know when you prepare frika. Vesna

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