Flavours of Vipava valley festival

Flavours of Vipava valley festival

Flavors of Vipava valley, the largest culinary and wine event in Vipava valley, pairs mouth-watering food (19 Slovenian chefs) and excellent local wine (45 winemakers with more than 100 different wines from Vipava valley).

The festival takes place on the second Sunday and Monday in May at Zemono, hill top manor house surrounded by terraced vineyards overlooking Vipava valley. It is the biggest event during a culinary month of Vipava valley dishes (check what I tasted in Vipavski križ here.

The weather forecast was not promising but as soon as I arrived to Vipava valley, Bora wind and dramatic clouds at the background welcomed me. It took me quite a while to open car door because of Slovenian hurricane 🙂

After entering Zemono manor house and following the beats of Kontraband band wine tasting of excellent Vipava valley wines started.

45 winemakers proudly displayed the finest wines from their wine cellars. Of course, I started with Pinela and Zelen, two indigenous wine varieties from Vipava valley. I could not resist tasting orange wines as well.

At 5pm Slovenia’s best chefs provided harmony between wine and food.

Restaurant Mak prepared watermelon marinated in the pear, cherry tomato marinated in elder juice surrounded by lard, elder flowers marinated in mustard juice.
Restavracija 1906 Bled pampered out taste buds with a foam from Malvazia wine, trout, caviar from trout.
One of my best culinary delights made out of bread from the truffle filled with goat pate, homemade peach jam and a piece of a truffle was prepared by Restaurant Podfarovž.
Ošterija Žogica served smoked trout, yogurt, elder, red beet.
At Saksida we tantalized our taste buds with young cheese, asparagus, prosciutto and egg yolk.
Penzijon Sinji vrh deer tartare with the ramsons buds, cottage cheese with the ramsons and radish.
Tanja’s best food choice was at Gostilna Repovž which prepared beef carpaccio, egg, porcini mushroom, kale, radish, herbal bread, sweet potato puree.


Avin • Batič • Benčina • Bizjak • Bric • Burja • Cigoj • Cultus • Čehovin • Čuk • Domaine Slapšak • Ferjančič • Fornazarič • Furlan • Dornberg • Garbari – Malovščevo • Guerila• Guštin • Heaps good wine company • Jamšek 1887 • Krapež • Koron • Kosovel • Lavrenčič • Lisjak 1956 • Marc • Mansus • Miška • Nafa & Vidus • Pasji Rep • Poljšak • Rouna • Saksida • Svetlik • Sutor • Sveti Martin • Štrancar • Štokelj • Tilia • Tomas • Tomažič • Univerza v Novi Gorici • UOU • Ussai • Vinska klet Šuklje • Vipava 1894 • Zgonik


Ovčjereja Kandus • Ekološka kmetija Nunči • Sirarstvo Orel • Čebelarstvo Lisjak • Rustika • Predelava in mesnica Tomaž Faganel • Peloz • Uroš in Valentina • maQfino • Kmetija Pri Tinetovih • Tončka Čibej • Kmetija Mežnarjevi • Domače dobrote Metka • Moleum • Oljčno olje Skrlin • Oljčno olje Ortaona • Kmetija Koren


Arkade tourist farm • Calypso Restaurant • Domačija Lisjak 1956 • Gostilna Podfarovž • Gostilna Repovž • Gostilna Termika • Gostilna Tratnik • Gostilnica Ruj • Grad Kromberk • Kendov dvorec • Kmetija Hudičevec • Kmetija Tomažič • Mak restaurant • Malovševo • Ošterija Žogica • Penzijon Sinji vrh • Restavracija 1906 Bled • Saksida • Smrekarjeva domačija • Vila Podvin

Beside culinary and highlights, I also checked local farmer market and their tasty products (extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes, cheese, salami, honey products, asparagus, cherries, jams, etc.).

Oljčno olje Skrlin
Domače dobrote Metka
Uroš in Valentina

Tasting wine and great food can be tyring so I also enjoyed myself while sitting on the wall and admiring the landscape. Of course with a glass of local grape variety and a dish prepared by famous Slovenian chef.  The view is fantastic.

Flavors of Vipava valley festival is a must for foodies and wine lovers exploring Slovenia because Vipava valley is a land of top quality wines and great local cuisine.

Basic information about Flavours of Vipava valley Festival

Duration: Sunday and Monday, from noon 3pm to 9pm.
GPS location: N 45° 51′ 18.296″ E 13° 57′ 8.388″
Price: 25 EUR/adult. The price includes program, food, drink. Deposit of 5 EUR for a tasting glass.
Free shuttle bus from Vipava to Zemono!!!

Where to sleep during Flavors of Vipava valley festival?

Flavors of Vipava valley is getting more and more visitors every year. Need a place to sleep during Flavors of Vipava valley festival? Check accommodations in Vipava here.