Festival of roses

Festival of roses

Festival of Roses in Nova Gorica

When: the whole May.
Where: Nova Gorica and its surroundings.

Nova Gorica is a city of roses. Even on a vehicle registration plates you’ll find a rose 🙂 Walk around the city of Nova Gorica and experience more than 7000 roses. Smell, touch, observe!

festival of roses slovenia

Living close to Nova Gorica, it happens very often (Murphy is to blame!) that you miss some events, workshops, etc. of your home town 🙂 But this year I marked the dates of Festival of Roses in my notebook (I still don’t have a smart phone, so what 🙂 ), I followed the weather forecast day by day and in between of waiting I got an invitation from Mirjam who is a local guide at Kostanjevica (she is a truly fount of knowledge about the church, Škrabec library, Tombs of the Bourbons and much more, and you need to meet her!!!) to experience the garden of roses in May. I didn’t hesitate and also took my parents with me. What a scent therapy … Mmm!

festival of roses slovenia

Bourbon Roses in Nova Gorica. How come?!

Bourbon Roses are the roses of 19th century. The name derives from the island Ile de Bourbon (nowadays called Reunion) in the Indian ocean. Most probably Bourbon Roses were created in 1817 (next year we will celebrate 200 anniversary of Bourbon roses!) by chance cross of 2 old rose varieties: Old Blush China rose and the Quatre saisons damask rose. The first Bourbon rose was named Rose Eduard. Believe or not, gardeners who had lots of work (everyone wanted to have a Bourbon rose in their garden!) raised over 1500 rose varieties in 19th century while only 100 remained today (and 70 of them can be found in Nova Gorica!). People loved Bourbon Roses because they bloom from spring to autumn. But it didn’t take long for Bourbon roses to become ousted by new roses.

festival of roses slovenia

Bourbon Roses are much beloved by aficionados of old roses. In 2004 Society of roses lovers of Slovenia started to maintain the garden of Franciscan Monastery at Kostanjevica in Nova Gorica. The second largest collection of Bourbon Roses in Europe (around 70 Bourbon rose varieties!) that lies in the vicinity of the resting place of the last French kings, the Bourbons (what a coincidence!), was open to the public. From early May to beginning of June you can experience thousands of roses blossom. Perfect place for your complete rose aromatherapy!

festival of roses slovenia

Why are old beauties of Bourbon roses so special?!

– they only blossom in the spring
– they never turn red, yellow or orange (get the answer on a guided walk!)
– they have an outstanding scent (especially at 11am!)

festival of roses slovenia

Bourbon Roses are roses with the best scent! But unfortunately you can not smell it through the photos 🙂 Experience yourself! The roses are in their full bloom now! If you need some more information about opening hours, write me an email to vesna@slocally.com

During the Festival of roses you can attend guided walks around the second largest collection of Bourbon Roses in Europe or around the city of Nova Gorica, you can make your own rose perfume or rose syrup. Are you up for it?! Please find more detailed programme here.

For all Rose lovers 🙂 What and where can I taste rose specialties?

Hotel Lipa (Šemepter pri Gorici): special rose menu, home-made rose ice-tea, rose ice cream (yummy, yummy … it is very tasty!)
Hotel Sabotin (Solkan): special rose menu, tastings of rosé wines and tapas
Hotel Park (Nova Gorica): rose dessert
Hotel Perla (Nova Gorica): rose dessert »La Rose De Bon Bon«, rose ice cream.

Would you like to explore more of the surrounding area of Nova Gorica?

Brda walk and taste
Eating your way through Soca valley

Don’t know where to sleep? Search no more! There are various accommodation options in Nova Gorica. Have a look here.

But to get really away from the crowds visit Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley, only 13 kilometers to the north of Nova Gorica.

Eventhough you might miss Festival of Roses in May you can still come and I will do my best to find a way to show you the second largest collection of Bourbon Roses in Europe in other time of the year 🙂 Welcome!