Festival of chocolate

Festival of chocolate

Do you agree that there is one thing in the world a woman can not resist – chocolate! Can you imagine a room full of stalls offering different kinds of chocolate, chocolate products and even a chocolate car? No, I am not talking about my hidden desires, nor science fiction film. This is heaven on earth – a paradise in Rado’lca. You surely know that chocolate is produced from cocoa beans, you are probably also acquainted with the fact, that the machine for the production of cocoa butter from cocoa beans was invented by Swiss Rodolfo Lindt in 1880, whose chocolates are still the most wanted ones on store shelves.

Festival of chocolate Radovljica

But perhaps you did not know that the origins of the word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec language meaning “bitter water”. Well, my experience on the chocolate festival in Rado’lca was anything but bitter. The festival gathered chocolate providers from Slovenia and abroad. In addition to unusual items, like chocolate glass, which I simply ate after finishing my chocolate liqueur, they also organized various hands-on cooking workshops, chocolate puppets making and even a chocolate fashion show. You need to come along next time in April!

Have a look at photos and moments that Slocally captured at the festival of chocolate.

Written by Vesna on 14th April 2013.