February: Top of the month

February: Top of the month

Welcome February! I love February. This is the month when the nature is awakening. We start picking first healing plants (primroses, violets) and wild edibles such as dandelion. I adore dandelion salad. Have you already tried it?And February is also a month of carnival, St. Valentine’s day and I have birthday 🙂  This year is a leap year when Febuary has 29 days instead of 28 days 🙂

And what we prepare for you in February in case you are somewhere nearby?

making herbal pillow herbal rooms soca valley

Stay 2 nights at Herbal Rooms and make your own herbal pillow for FREE. Great souvenir from Herbal Rooms Homestay. Only in February!

Make a reservation for your stay at Herbal Rooms here.

See you in Herbal Rooms in February.

Herbal greetings, Vesna

Written by Vesna on 1st February 2016.