Expano Experience

Expano Experience

Expano pavilion with is impressive modern arhitecture design is a great starting point to explore Pomurje region. It is located on the outskirts of Murska Sobota, beside the highway and near Soboško lake. You will be also impressed by the outdoor park with a playground and motor skills park overlooking Soboško lake and tasty local delights that are served at Expano Food&Drink. You could easily spend the whole day here.

Expano is an interactive park with technologically sophisticated exhibition about the area along Mura river. The permanent exhibition starts with a short 3D panofilm about the history of Pomurje region. There are 22 interactive points waiting for you to explore (Panoquiz, Panoscope, Neurospa, Panopticom, Magical clearing, Forest of Pomurje, Under the surface, Handcraft memories, Panoart, Panobricks, Panofield, Panofly, Panoyoga, etc.).  

My Expano highlights:

  • Moving/Controling the thermal water with your thoughts via Neurospa
  • Exploring Pomurje region with Panoscope, high resolution panoramic photography
  • Flying over Pomurje with Panofly
  • Sending greetings through glittering water via Panopticom
  • Listening to the musicians from Pomurje region
  • Growing crops (pumpkins, rye, wine grapes) on a Panofield

Right besides the Expano pavilion there is children playground with swings and slides. Children just love it. A few hounded meters further you can spot the biggest motoric skills park in the region with 35 devices where you can test and strengthen your skills.

Hungry? Expano Food&Drink is a perfect food stop where you can taste Pomurje delicacies. Tamara offered us a beef and seasonal soup, a gipsy roast topped with sauer cream sauce, onions, cracklings and dödoli, fried chicken with pumpkin seeds, mashed potatoes and pumpkin seed mayonnaise. For the dessert we tried mouthwatering Prekmurje gibanica. Apricot juice from the local provider was a great choice. “Amamamam” (which means ‘yummy yummy’ in toddler language) was the only voice Filip could make while tasting Prekmurje dishes.

There is also a shop in Expano pavilion where you can buy local delights and handcrafts from local producers.

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