Eco house Goricka lepoticka experience

Eco house Goricka lepoticka experience

Eco-house Goricka lepoticka is a unique accommodation in the Pomurje region in the eastern part of Slovenia. It is built from natural materials (wood, clay, straw bales) and you can feel in every corner of the house you can feel how much love and attention was put into it.

This time we were greeted not by the owner, but by a lovely dog. He wanted to play, he jumped around us and showed us his territory. We immediately fell in love with the house, the details inside and outside the house and the tranquility that the place offers. The kids played with the stones, memory cards and observed the dog from the other side of the mosquito net 😉

On the first floor there is a well-equipped kitchen with all the necessary kitchen utensils and essential ingredients (salt, pepper, coffee, etc.), lovely furnished bathroom, a living room with two single beds and spacious windows without curtains with 24 hours live TV. To reach the double bed upstairs you have to climb a wooden staircase to have a good night’s sleep.

Eco-house Goricka lepoticka is a beauty in the middle of nature, perfect for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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