Daffodils experience in Golica

Daffodils experience in Golica

Each spring the mountainside above ironwork town of Jesenice turns into the white snow-like carpet of narcissi, wild-growing daffodils.

The first foothills start blooming in late April/early May while the long slopes of Mt. Golica, which is often called the mountain of daffodils, are carpeted with wild daffodils in full bloom later in May.

Planina pod Golico village above Jesenice is a starting point from where you hit the road to Mt. Golica. It takes approximately 3-4 hours for a return trip. For those who want to catch a glimpse of the famous daffodils can follow so-called daffodils path (Planina pod Golico – mountain hut – daffodils on Mala Planina – mountain hut – Planina pod Golico). Keep in mind that Golica has two peaks and majority of daffodils can be found on the slopes of the lower peak (Mala Golica).

Despite the fact the number of narcissi has been dramatically decreasing, many pastures are still untouched and rich in number of daffodils. Mountain slopes are blooming with daffodils in May.

The Avsenik brothers, famous Slovenian musicians, admired the beauty of Golica plateau. They used its name for the title of their folk song composition “Na Golici”.  

Picturesque Mt. Golica, a green plateau covered in white flowers Narcissus poeticus, borders Austria and besides endless fields of daffodils it offers stunning vistas on Karavanke Alps, Julian Alps and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. There are plenty of daffodils growing everywhere along the way. Local dialect has a completely unique name for the daffodil flowers – “ključavnice”, which translates to “locks”. A legend says that God became angry when he saw that bees were collecting nectar on Sundays. Therefore, he installed locks on the daffodil flowers that prevented the bees from accessing the nectar on this holy day.

A trip to the daffodil slopes, amazing wild flowers natural site in this part of Slovenia, is once-a-year-experience. Don’t miss it.

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