Cooking class with a top chef

Cooking class with a top chef

What would you do if somebody invites you to take part in a cooking class with one of the top Slovenian chefs?!

Well, I was up for a culinary adventure in a minute 🙂

cooking class slovenia

Top chef Bine Volčič with his creative ideas

Majority of Slovenians know him from a cooking reality show called »Gostilna išče šefa«. Well, I don’t have a television so I have no idea what the show is all about. But, what I’m aware of is that if I want to speak with my parents, I should call them before a cook-off reality show with Bine Volčič starts. In other case, they will not pick up the phone. 🙂 Beside that Bine is one of the leading chefs in Slovenia who is searching for new culinary knowledge all around the globe, offering on-line culinary classes. And very soon Ljubljana will … Stay tuned! 🙂

cooking class slovenia

What is it like cooking with a chef?

I love cooking and I crave for new culinary knowledge. Very relaxing, creative, educative with clear explanation. We used simple recipes and local ingredients and got many first-hand advices. I had lots of fun. And I ate a lot 😉 What I liked the most? Of course, home-made tortellini, special sauce made out of sage, grapes, white wine and mustartd (mouth-watering experience) and pancakes with orange (outstanding taste).

Only one week after the cooking class, I made my own version of tortellini. I filled small squares of pasta with wild garlic and some herbs.

home made tortellini

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Dober tek!

Written by Vesna on 5th February 2016.