Let’s do camping! Set up your tent somewhere in Western Slovenia!

Let’s do camping! Set up your tent somewhere in Western Slovenia!

Let’s do camping!

I love camping. Are you a nature lover? Do you travel around with a tent? There are many perfect spots in Soca valley in the Western Slovenia where you can set up your tent. Detour a bit and enjoy in a peaceful countryside, experience typical local cuisine on a Food Tour and do some sport activities. Or attend some festivals 🙂

Where to camp?

In Slovenia wild camping is not allowed. You can do it on private (not public) grounds if you manage to get the permission from a land owner for example. The other way is to use camps. And Slovenia offers a lot of them! Actually, staying in a camp when on a visit in our country is the closest way to discover our natural heritage in all its beauty. Plan your travel itinerary and read how to get to Soca valley.

Today I will write about where you can stay close to nature when you will be travelling through Slovenia. And even if Slovenia is just one country on your European road-trip, you are more than welcome to detour a little bit and pay a visit to our emerald green beauty of Soca river!

Even in (or near) Soca Valley you can choose from more than 15 campsites, usually small, but each of them lies in the unique and special location. Good part of being small is the fact that these kind of camps offer you all the luxury as bigger ones, but they are not crowded with thousands of people.

When to camp?

Campsites near Bovec are usually open from April till mid October. Those are also the best months for hiking, cycling, mountaineering or just relaxing on your vacation. Believe me, if you like to feel real adrenaline, you have plenty of other options, such as: canyoning, rafting and even skydiving. Please check their official site here.

Autumn and winter in this area are not really the best times of the year for camping, but if you will like to come back and take some snowy pictures you are more than welcome to spend a night in Herbal Rooms, just 60 kilometers from Bovec.

And if for example, you come here without a tent, never mind, in the most campsites they can provide you a tent for rent or you can try glamping or sleeping in their apartments and huts. Believe me, this will be the experience you will remember forever!

Camps in (or near) Soca Valley

The camps below are not listed in alphabetical order. Instead I leveled them in order of appearance from Soca river’s spring (top of the table) down, those lying near Soca river’s inflows are listed in the same way. Hope you will find this useful!

Camping Trenta Soca valley

Camping Trenta Trenta 60a, 5232 Soča
T: 00386 31 615 966
E: sergej.bolcina@siol.net
Open: 1st April to 31st October.

Camp Triglav Trenta Trenta 18, 5232 Soča
E: marija.kravanja@siol.net

Jelinc Camp Soča 50, 5232 Soča
E: kmecki.turizem.jelincic@siol.net

Kamp Korita Soca valley

Camp Korita Soča 38, 5232 Soča
T: 00386 51 645 677
E: camp.korita@gmail.com
Open: 1st April to 15th October.

Camping Place Klin Lepena Lepena 1, 5232 Soča
E: kampklin@siol.net

Kajak Kamp Toni Vodenca 1, 5230 Bovec
E: info@kajakkamptoni.com

Camp Liza Vodenca 4, 5230 Bovec
E: info@camp-liza.com

Camp Vodenca Soca valley

Camp Vodenca Vodenca, 5230 Bovec
T: 00386 31 542 299
E: info@camp-vodenca.com
Open: 24th March to 31st October.

Camping place Kovač Vodenca 7, 5230 Bovec
E: kamp.kovac@siol.net

Kamp Polovnik Soča valley

Camp Polovnik Ledina 8, 5230 Bovec
T: 00386 31 344 417
E: kamp.polovnik@siol.net
Open: 1st April to 15th October.

Kamp Prijon Soca valley

Prijon Sport Center Čezsoča 12b, 5230 Bovec
T: 00386 41 528 767
E: info@prijon-sportcenter.si
Open: 15th March to 31st October.

Eco place camping Soca valley

Eco Place Podklopca 4, 5230 Bovec
T: 00386 41 383 662
E: info@adrenaline-check.com
Open: 29th April to 30th September.

Camp Trnovo Trnovo ob Soči 64, 5222 Kobarid
E: info@camp-trnovo.si

kamp lazar soca valley

Tourist centre Lazar Trnovo ob Soči 1b, 5222 Kobarid
E: info@lazar.si
Open: 25th March to 31st October.

kamp koren soca valley

Camping Place Koren Kobarid Ladra 1b, 5222 Kobarid
T: 00386 41 371 229
E: info@kamp-koren.si
Open: all year around.

Kamp Rut Soca valley

Camp Rut Kobarid Svino 13, 5222 Kobarid
T: 00386 31 755 263, 00386 31 333 087
E: kamp.rut@gmail.com
Open: 1st May to 30st September.

Camp Vili Volarje Volarje 64, 5220 Tolmin
E: campvili@siol.net

Camp Gabrje 5220 Tolmin
E: info@camp-gabrje.com

Camping Area Korada Kidričeva 10b, 5213 Kanal
T: 00386 41 637 707
E: okrepcevalnicapirih@gmail.com

Not far away from Kobarid there is also one very nice camp, you would not like to miss. I have a lot of nice memories on that place because it was our family’s favorite destination during summer weekends. I really recommend it to you!

Kamp Nadiža camping

Camping Place Nadiža, Podbela Podbela 48, 5223 Breginj
E: info@kamp-nadiza.com
Open: 20th March to 31st October.

The camps here are just listed. Are you looking for a map?

If you will be on holiday somewhere else in Slovenia and have problems with finding the best campsite, send me an email to vesna@slocally.com. I will try to help you find your perfect camping spot!