Brezice experience

Brezice experience

Brezice, a green paradise at the confluence of Krka and Sava river lies close to the Croatian border. Here you will find endless castles, thermal springs, underground cellars, tasty local food and unique sleeping options.

My top 6 things to do in Brezice and its surroundings

Visit Castle Mokrice

Even though medieval Mokrice castle is a home of luxury 4-star hotel, you can easily walk around it and observe golf players. The majestic castle is surrounded by a 200-year-old English park with a pond, a Chapel of Saint Anna and 18-hole golf course which is situated in a former castle estate’s scenic landscape of rolling hills. The castle and its surrounding are protected as a cultural monument.

Stroll around Brezice town

Brezice town is a sleepy provincial town on the southeastern part of Slovenia. Its main attraction is for sure magnificent Renaissance two-storey Brezice castle with its baroque facades. We strolled around the main street and admired colorful facades. Walking around the city was like walking along the street gallery. My favorite part of the town was definitely gasa where a continuous series of houses were actually built onto the town walls. Here you get the best view on 46 meters high water tower, the most visible landmark seen from every corner of Brezice town.

We stopped at Splavar Inn pastry shop where we indulged our taste buds in their high quality cakes made of natural and seasonal ingredients. The music at the background, friendly waiter, laid-back atmosphere, observing people passing by and top-quality cakes were all we needed on a sunny Saturday.

Take a ferry in Mostec

Discover the 130-year-old rafting tradition on Sava river by river boat (brod) in Mostec. It is a pleasant ride along the Sava river that operates all year around according to the water level.

Take a photo of the confluence of Krka and Sava river

Park your car at the parking place of Budic restaurant and walk to the bridge that connects Brezice with Catez na Savi which also offers view of the confluence of Krka and Sava river.

Admire Jovsi Natural Park

“Where can we see jovsi?” I asked a lady working in the local bar in Kapele village. Even though she didn’t know, she was friendly enough to point us to the locals. Wow! Just 200 meters away from Kapele church following the unpaved road through the vineyards, you can find one of the best view point on jovsi, moored grasslands along the Sotla river which is protected as a monument of nature and it is part of Natura 2000. We spent almost an hour observing magnificent jovsi natural park which is the home to several rare and endangered species. Well, it is also a perfect spot for immigrants who cross river Sotla and hide in the moored grasslands.

Animal park Na Jasi

Animal park Na jasi is a family run park where 250 animals from all around the world and plants are living in coexistence with each other. The park, which is very well maintained, is huge and animals really have lots of places to move around.

Visiting animal park Na jasi is a perfect half day activity for families with small children where you can see a large amount of interesting plants and unusual animals SUCH AS … Even though we visited animal park in the morning, we were welcomed by Uros, a friendly owner, who showed us around the park a bit because he was busy feeding the animals.

“Come come.” Uros opened the cages to the pigeons and countless pigeons flew out and started eating corn. Uros is also an animal breeder and thanks to him and to many other breeders around the world who managed to return a Vietnamese parrot to Vietnam where it was extinct species. Well, we find another guide, a cat who allowed us to hold him and pet him and he was following us around the park and chasing another cat. Animal park na Jasi was a paradise for Lucija as well because she loves animals and listening to their voices. Here you can really get a feeling that animals live healthy.

“Our aim is that that the animals feel good here, they live in coexistence and this way they feel safe. With the entrance fee, we cover the cost for food.” told us Uros while he was feeding Mangalica pig.

What to bring: extra shoes and clothes because it can get muddy.

Opening hours:

April: Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-12am, 3pm-6pm.May: from Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 12am, 3pm – 7pm.
June, July, August: Tuesday until Sunday: 9am – 12am, 3pm – 9pm.
September and October: from Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 12am, 3pm – 7pm.
Closed between November and April.

Children until 3: free.
Children between 3 to 15: 3 EUR.
Adults: 5 EUR.
Family (2 adults + 2 children): 13 EUR.

Honey Paradise Glamping Resort

Honey Paradise Glamping Resort is a resort that was opened in July 2019. It is part of Spa & Wellness hotel Paradiso. At the reception of the hotel we got a key and entered this prestige honey resort which hosts 3 glamping wooden houses in the form of bee apiary. Pictures placed in front of the house actually represent painted beehive panels, unique bee house boards. Each house can host up to 4 people and is dedicated to a specific type of honey: Linden, Chestnut, Acacia.

The house is very modern and very well equipped offering just-the-right-size kitchen (cooking area, cutlery, kitchen utensils, water heater, separate waste collection, essential ingredients, fridge), AC, comfortable king size bed and bunk beds, wardrobes for storage, flat screen TV, very clean bathroom and specious terrace. The main actor is a bee which can be found on the walls, glasses and even the lights are in the shape of a bee. On our arrival we made a toast with a mead, a welcome drink.

Stone paved path, which was a favorite place for Lucija to play with stones, connects all three houses. Even though we visited Honey Paradise Glamping Resort in October, there were still many bees collecting nectar from the honey plants.

Nice and intimate self-service hotel restaurant is offering just the right amount of carefully prepared seasonal dishes. 

After Lucija felt asleep, we took advantage of visiting sauna park which got many prestigious awards. In 2 storey building there are 8 saunas, various relaxation areas (even with waterbeds!), indoor and outdoor FKK. I took an advantage to participate in air whirling under expert’s supervision. At Spa & Wellness hotel Paradiso they really know how to pamper you with unique sauna programs as they even offer a sauna treatment with honey and coffee. FEEL Paradise, BEE part of it!

“Please fill in the form what you want to have for your breakfast tomorrow and leave the paper in the post box close to the entrance door of the resort.” told us Martina, friendly receptionist. In the morning at 8am breakfast basket that was filled with local products (honey, butter, apricot jam, salami, cheese, 2 types of bread and 2 types of yogurt, milk, apples, cereals, apple juice) was waiting on the table. Local and seasonal food was so delicious that our stomachs were full until late afternoon.

Honey Paradise Glamping Resort is definitely a great place to stay for families with small children because it offers unique accommodation option amidst the trees and it is just a few steps away from indoor and outdoor pools and waterslides. On the other side, couples will appreciate the privacy here and fall in love with super clean sauna park which hosts 8 different saunas (Sauna bio-panoramic, steam sauna, outdoor sauna, salt sauna with herbs, infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, chromo sauna and Hammam sauna).

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