Best things to do in Podcetrtek

Best things to do in Podcetrtek

Podcetrtek is a small town in the southeastern part of Slovenia. You can visit it for a day or two while exploring Slovenia. We recommend staying at least 3 nights to enjoy the scenery, indulge in the local cuisine and relax.

Termalija Family Fun

Podcetrtek is known for its thermal waters, spas and wellness services. So this is the main reason to stop by Podcetrtek and visit Terme Olimia. While most couples relax in Wellness Orhidelia, officially the best wellness center in Slovenia, Termalija Family Fun is the ideal place for families with children. The Termalija Family Fun complex is made for families and is a true children’s paradise with slides, climbing wall, 7D cinema (additional fee), game-room, children’s playroom and pool bar. There is even a relaxation area, children’s toilets, nursery rooms and family showers.

Olimje Monastery

3 kilometers from Podcetrtek is the small village of Olimje. It is known mainly for the Olimje Minorite Monastery, which was once a castle, and for the Baroque church with one of the most beautiful Baroque altars in Europe. The greatest treasure of the monastery is undoubtedly the pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe. In the nearby garden, the monks grow their own herbs and medicinal plants (more than 200 different species!).

Olimje Chocolate shop

Just a few steps from the monastery you can find a family-run chocolate shop. Here you can stop and indulge your taste buds with chocolate. I suggest the pralines and chocolate bars. They are delicious.

Jelenov greben/Deer Ridge

Above the monastery, at the foothills of Olimska gora, you can spot the Deer Ridge. More than 100 deers and mouflons roam freely here. A bag of corn will bring them close to you for a perfect Instagram photo.

At Jelenov greben rustic style inn you can treat yourself with mouth-watering food. We tasted the beef and mushroom soup, venison plate for 2 ( house deer medallions with deer salami, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, roasted celery, homemade buckwheat dumplings, bread dumplings, grilled vegetables, cranberry jam). We also could not resist trying the desserts (Kozjansko jabolko and cheesecake). And the homemade grape juice was delicious.

Do not miss to visit the tourist production center of Jelenov greben (PTC for short), where you can see the whole production. There are nine stations where you can get to know the whole process of product manufacturing from scratch (wood workshop studio, kitchen where jams and cookies are made, room for spirits, room for maturing distillates, juice bottling line, room for drying deer salami and prosciutto, ceramics workshop studio, bottling station, laser workshop studio). After the tour, you can buy the products in the nicely furnished shop (homemade jams, spirits, cookies, dried fruits, herbal teas, nuts, salami, laser engraved products, ceramic products).

Fairytale and fantasy land

The witch’s hut hidden in the forest introduces you to the secret land of fairy tales and fantasy of various Slovenian and world well-known fairy tales. Big and small children love this place while listening to the singing of birds and the babbling of the brook. You can even have a glass of spring water. Paths with different names lead through the forest and you can find different characters, games and quotes. The place itself is magical and special. The private collection of souvenirs from all over the world, the stone collection and the dolls in national costumes will leave you amazed. The interactive museum will show you how people lived 100 years ago (gathering herbs, spinning wool, baking bread, etc.).

Where to sleep?

Podcetrtek is a popular holiday destination and offers various accommodation options, from stylish private lodgings to glamping campsites. We chose Wooden Fairytale Apartments, located on the top of the hill. It is a perfect accommodation to explore Podcetrtek and its surroundings. Thermal baths, restaurants and castles can be reached in 10 minutes by car. Vili welcomed us in front of his heaven. He and his daughter Nina offer 2 unique wood-furnished apartments with wooden floor and wooden ship floor overlooking the vineyards of the Kozjansko region: Bor and Macesen. We have chosen to stay in Macesen appartment.

From the outdoor terrace you take a spiral staircase to the apartments. It is a stylish flat with fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining room overlooking the vineyards hills. We felt in love with the hospitable owner Vili, the interior design, the quiet surroundings and the breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards, forests and meadows.

The accommodation is super clean and offers everything you need for a pleasant stay. In addition, Wooden Fairytale Apartments are immaculate, spotless and an absolute relaxing oasis with in-house spa (Finnish sauna, hot tube), self-service bar and bike rental. It is truly a rural paradise getaway suitable for couples, families and nature lovers.

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