Best things to do in green Ljubljana

Best things to do in green Ljubljana

Ljubljana is European green capital 2016. Ljubljana will surprise you. And I am sure it will exceed your expectations. The name Ljubljana derives from the word »ljubljena« which means beloved in Slovene language. Welcome to our green Ljubljana!

green Ljubljana

I studied in Ljubljana (I am coming from Soca valley; well, it has been quite a while ago since I’ve finished my studies 🙂 ) and I felt in love with the city from the first moment. So small, charming and welcoming! Its vibrant scene along Ljubljanica river (every day there is something going on!), green lungs of park Tivoli (don’t be surprise to find so many people there running, walking or exercising because Slovenians are known to be active all the time!). At least once per week Ljubljana marshesŠpica and botanical garden are my special place where I recharge my batteries.

… and I even found my soulmate and life-forever partner in Ljubljana 🙂

Are you a first-time visitor?

There is so much to do and to see in Ljubljana. Even for us the locals who are living in Ljubljana. The most important is to decide how many days would you like to spend here and what your interests are. 1 day or 3 days?! Outdoor lover or museum freak or a heritage connoisseur or a foodie? Ljubljana is made for you! Plan your Ljubljana experience carefully because once you arrive to Ljubljana you’ll wish to stay longer as planned! Send me an email to and get 5-days Ljubljana itinerary for free*.

6 green experiences in 2 days in Ljubljana … you should take part in!

Most of the first-time visitors do a research on what to do and what to see in Ljubljana beforehand using Tripadvisor (very helpful website where you can read reviews from other travelers). Well, beside this world-known website, there are many travel blogs focused on Ljubljana and its surroundings.

The green experiences of Ljubljana below are listed according to my intuition on how I would experience Ljubljana with locals if I were you 🙂 .

Stand up paddling on Ljubljanica river at 9am
Wake up early in the morning and see Ljubljana from the river angle. It is definitely a great way to explore the city. And to be active! Don’t be afraid, it is very difficult to fall in the river because Matija will tell you all do’s and don’s of stand up paddling.

SUP Ljubljana

Food walk in Ljubljana at noon
Getting hungry after SUPer experience? Food walk is an excellent way to see Ljubljana while sampling local delights in a company of Iva, great food guru and storyteller. Food connects people. Dober tek and Na zdravje!

food walk Ljubljana

Exploring Ljubljana by bike at 3pm
Burn your calories and join Tevž on a bike tour and get to know Ljubljana from the seat of a bicycle. He is a great company for showing you many interesting sights of bike-friendly city of Ljubljana.

Biking around Ljubljana

Enjoy the rest of the day your way!!! … save energy for next morning and Lahko noč! 🙂

Hiking Rašica when in Ljubljana at 9am
Rana ura zlata ura or The early bird catches the worm! The best way to start a day is hiking up Rašica (Slovenes are crazy on hiking and you will become too!) with Alenka. A combination of undemanding hike, local stories, Slovenian food and great company is what you are looking for, right?


Ljubljana music walk at 3pm
Just imagine. Having a private local guide Meta and a private violinist while listening to the music and stories behind all the pretty buildings you are passing by when in Ljubljana. Unique music walk in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Music Walk_LjubljanaGuides

Culinary workshop at 6pm
Getting hungry? It’s time to eat then! What about preparing 4-course meal together with a local cuisine aficionado Špela? Local ingredients are coming from the market around the corner.

culinary workshop

I introduced you to my best Ljubljana picks for your unforgettable Ljubljana experience! What makes these green local tours so special and unique?!
All of green experience providers (Matija, Iva, Tevž, Špela, Alenka, Meta) have PASSION, LOCAL KNOWLEDGE and they focus on SMALL GROUPS ONLY! They make Ljubljana green for you, my dear guest. Because each guest matters!

And as Ljubljana mayor is saying proudly: »To me, Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world!« And I am sure you will fall in love with Ljubljana also.

*free 5-days Ljubljana itinerary valies until end of June 2016!

Don’t know where to sleep? Search no more! There are various accommodation options in Ljubljana. Have a look here.