Best gift ideas for 2017 from Slocally

Best gift ideas for 2017 from Slocally

What would be the best gift for 2017 from Slocally website? was a simple question to some of my friends from Slovenia and abroad. Here are 5 gift ideas for 2017 according to their answers. Decision is always yours! 😉

5. Alpe Adria Trail Experience Brda region


„The fact that you customize your adventures based on individual client’s interests and capabilities sets you apart and makes people feel special. Basically, you rock!“ was the review I got a day after guiding in Brda wine region. Brda wine region is perfect walking destination year around because of the Mediterranean climate and various walking trails suitable for families with children as well.

4. Rent-a-local guide

Best gift ideas for 2017 Slocally

First there is a wish to travel to Slovenia because it is seriously on the tourist map these days. The travel wish comes true when you book your plane ticket. Then you plan your Slovenia travel itinerary carefully day by day, reading travel blogs, searching for places to stay and activities to do. And very often you decide to rent-a-car because you want to be independed with your travel plan. While planning your route, you choose to go local, to learn from the locals and to go off the beaten path. There is only one way to do go local in Slovenia. Rent a local guide from Slovenia. I am sure you will not regret it and your money stays in a local community. Go local in Slovenia is where it all begins!
What will you gain? You will explore places with a local who lives in the area and who knows the region to its deepest. You will be an active traveler hearing the local stories and getting all the answers to your whys, hows, wheres and whats.

3. Food Tour Soca valley


Did you know that many guests are traveling to Slovenia, and Soca valley in particular, just because they want to taste culinary creations cooked by world-wide known chef Ana Roš?! Beside Hiša Franko almost all village restaurants/gostilnas and tourist farms from Soca valley are serving typical dishes from Soca valley. I am inviting you to taste Slovenia in Soca valley. Bovec sheep cheese, Tolmin cow cheese, štruklji, trout, čompe an skuta (potato & cottage cheese), krafi are welcoming you. Book a Food Tour Soca valley here!

2. Herbal Rooms Homestay

Best gift ideas for 2017 Slocally


„Congratulations for having a piece about your work in Positive News Magazine.“ wrote my guest from Ireland and sent me a scan of a post in which Herbal Rooms Homestay were chosen among 3 accommodations worldwide under the title Three ideas for your next adventure. Herbal Rooms Homestay is special and unique accommodation in Soca valley because you will stay with a local family, taste our homemade herbal tea blends and detox from WIFI. Plenty of hands-on workshops are ensured! Book your date for Herbal Rooms Homestay here!

1. Alpe Adria Trail Experience Soca valley


Walking is a n°1 sport or past time activity for many Slovenian people. Food plays an important role in our life and most of us still cook Slovenian food on a daily bases. What is more, for decades Soca valley has been (and still is!) an outdoor playground but recently becomes a foodie paradise thanks to Ana Roš and other food providers in the region who are using local ingredients and prepare local specialties.

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