6 romantic escapes for your Valentine’s day in Slovenia

6 romantic escapes for your Valentine’s day in Slovenia

Valentine’s day is not just the one marked on 14th February. It should be celebrated all year round. No expensive reservations and fancy gifts needed. Get out of the box, afford yourself a special romantic experience. It will keep you warm in winter time for sure. Slovenia, the only country with LOVE in its name, is full of such suggestions. Are you ready for your romantic adventure?

Valentine’s day in Slovenia: 6 romantic escapes 


A curvy road will lead you to the borderline with Austria. Follow the sign for Dreisiebner tourist farm where you can train you sommelier talent while tasting quality wine. Have a picturesque walk through nearby vineyards. And what is the highlight? Standing at the end of Dreisiebners yard a spectacular view gets it added value with a heart-shaped road. It’s all about a point of view.



The capital of sLOVEnia, the only country with LOVE in its name, is Ljubljana. In translation – Beloved. Perpetuate your love on padlock love bridge. Probably you have seen it before but in Beloved Ljubljana it is so much more convenient. So  Don’t count calories. Just count on your honey to share famous Ljubljana cake with you 🙂

Ljubljana cake


Go east toward the head of a chicken. Did you know that Slovenia has a shape of a chicken?! On the bank of the Mura river near Ižakovci you will find a perfect spot for hand-in-hand walk not realizing of being embraced by an arm of the river and that you are actually standing on the island. If lucky enough, you could be blessed by early snowdrops. Near the floating mill you will find the wooden ferry that is taking people across the river… but now its not the season. Grab a paddle, you lovebirds, and awake you imagination.

Island of love Slovenia


You are not sharing Bled cream cake for sure. No wonder they sold 12 millions of them in the last 60 years. Enjoying it while experiencing the charm of Bled lake and its inhabitants – swans – makes the whole picture a postcard you keep for yourself. For even better point of view take a 10 minute hike up to Ojstrica hill that rises above the western shore of the lake. Simply breathtaking.

Stunning view on Bled lake


Looking for a sunny day for Valentine’s trip? Radovljica might be your perfect choice since it represents the place with the most sunny days per year in Gorenjska region. After a walk you can tantalize your taste buds with local delights. Love is all about making the effort together. Challenge your skills in making you own heart-shaped ginger bread in the cellar of Lectar museum. »Forever« might just be the most appropriate dedication note by your names.

gingerbread slovenia


Take your camera and go for and endless search for perfect Valentine’s selfie. Want to have famous Solkan bridge behind or maybe the one of Kanal bridge that is famous for summer jumping competitions? Anyways, emerald Soca river valley might surprise you even in the winter time. Well, if the night catch you, you can sleep in unique Herbal Rooms accommodation in Soca valley.

soca valley selfie

Enjoy your Valentine’s day and lots of love.

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