4 Best Not-To-Miss Festivals in Soca Valley!

4 Best Not-To-Miss Festivals in Soca Valley!

4 Best Not-To-Miss Festivals in Soca Valley!

In summer of course 😉

festivalley soca valley

Be part of festival fever in Soca valley 🙂

Who doesn’t like music? I haven’t heard of any so far! Our Soca Valley is sometimes also called Festivalley 😉

Have you ever been on a festival, music festival for example? If the answer is yes, I have to tell you that also Slovenians like going to the festivals and we have some good (read the best) festivals known all over the world as well!

In Soca valley there are plenty of them and all have the same point – bring people from all over the world to show them the beautiful symbiosis between nature and music culture.

And of course they are just a few kilometers from Herbal Rooms if you will be later interesting in booking your accommodations ;).

Here I will write a little bit about 4 most popular festivals. But you can find more of them on the Soca Festivalley site!

gora rocka festival

Gora Rocka – Rock on the top of the Mountain

When: 24. 6. – 26. 6. 2016

Gora Rocka having place in Mt. Šentviška Gora is developing for 10 years already. Last year there were more than 10.000 party-willing visitors on this location and they are all convinced that more of that kind of events should take place in Slovenia. Wait no more and buy ticket!

Link to their official site: Gora Rocka.

metaldays festival

MetalDays – 6 days of pure metal in Tolmin

When: 24. 7. – 30. 7. 2016

Lots of long hairs, cold beer, great food and metal! Organized in professional way, best for those who likes camping and metal music. 6 days of pure metal will not let you leave this place. You can already buy the tickets and start searching for the few days off at your work.

Link to their official site: MetalDays.

sajeta festival

Sajeta Creative Camp – Music & Art on Soca riverbanks

When: 11. 7. – 17. 7. 2016

Anyone who likes alternative culture is welcome here. The festival consists of not-so-well-known musicians and all kinds of workshops from poetry to even sculpture making. Everything is organized in an artistic atmosphere on the riverbanks of Soca river near Tolmin usually for 3 or four days. If you are around – check it – you will not regret it!

Link to their official site: Sajeta Creative Camp.

overjam festival

Overjam Reggae Festival – Slow down a bit! And the beat 😉

When: 16. 8. – 19. 8. 2016

The location is the same – Sotočje, like locals named it is actually the real confluence of Tolminka and Soca, two rivers mentioned in almost any Slovenian tourist website. Like the festival name says it’s all about reggae – its atmosphere and very well known music groups.

Link to their official site: Overjam Reggae Festival.

Last but not least, while writing this blog post I came across brand new festival Halamoye dance festival. Check it out!

If you have already been on one or even more of the festivals mentioned above, feel free to write some thoughts via vesna@slocally.com! Share your experience with us 😉

Planning to visit Soca valley for your music holidays and you do not want to camp at the festival? It would be great to host you at Herbal Rooms Homestay. In case our accommodation is booked, please check other accommodation options in Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid.